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Launching Our New Retail Cloth Showroom "KALA KRUTI Soon!
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Deetesh group is an international producer & marketeer of food, agricultural products, organic food and infrastructure services. With products and services ranging from agricultural production to retail sales, the group aims to be a global player in the agriculture and infrastructure business by delivering value to rural and agricultural economies.
The group has a large portfolio of agricultural and organic produce. For these products the group is engaged in various value stream activities such as production, procurement, packaging and marketing in Indian and international markets.continent, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

07 Dec 2013
Deetesh Group announces the opening of J's Mall

08 Oct 2012
Deetesh Agro & Infra announces group restructuring and international foray

01 Dec 2011
The Operation of Belgium office will commence in the month of January 2011.
03 Dec 2010
Group has entered in the field of Renewable Energy & work started on Wind & Solar power projects.
05 Dec 2010
Participating in Mega Kisan Exhibition for agro business and other agricultural exhibition all over Maharashtra and Europe.
05 Dec 2010
''Village India" food outlets will be opening shortly around Pune city area.

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